OASLTA By-Law & Constitution

revised & approved by OASLTA members on February 25, 2018

Table of Content: 


Article I      Name


Article II     Affiliation


Article III    Objectives


Article IV    Membership


Article V     Meetings


Article VI    Executives Board


Article VII   Election of Officers


Article VIII  Vacancies of Office


Article IX    Duties of Officers


Article X     Duties of Committees


Article XI    Financial Activities


Article XII   Parliamentary Authority


Article XIII  Amendments


Article XIV  Electronics 


Article XV   Dissolution



Article I- Name


The name of this non-profit association shall be known as the Ohio American Sign Language Teachers Association (OASLTA).


Article II- Affiliation


  1. This association shall be an Affiliated Chapter member of the national American Sign Language Teachers Association (ASLTA). 


  1. OASLTA is exclusively for charitable, educational, services and scientific purposes, including, for such purposes, the makings of distributions to organizations that qualify as exempt organizations under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any future federal tax code.


Article III- Objectives


  1. OASLTA shall promote the official recognition of American Sign Language (ASL) as a language.


  1. OASLTA shall promote professional quality of American Sign Language/Deaf Studies instruction for American Sign Language teachers and ASL Lab Assistants and encourage ASL teachers to acquire ASLTA certification.


  1. OASLTA shall encourage educational institutions to include ASL and Deaf Studies in their curricula.


  1. OASLTA shall encourage educational institutions and community-based programs to include ASL/Deaf Studies in their curricula and have ASLTA-certified teachers.


  1. OASLTA shall provide input into national ASLTA’s standards and procedures for the teaching of American Sign Language/Deaf Studies.


  1. OASLTA shall facilitate an effective avenue for the exchange of information regarding methods and materials in the instructions of American Sign Language and Deaf Studies.


  1. OASLTA shall maintain a directory of certified and non-certified OASLTA members. 


  1. OASLTA shall engage in advocacy with the local/state/regional associations of the Deaf and language teaching organizations to promote ASLTA certification for ASL/Deaf Studies teachers. 


  1. OASLTA shall provide members a minimum of 6 hours per year of professional development related to ASL/Deaf Studies teaching according to ASLTA’s calendar year (September 1 to August 31). 



Article IV- Membership and Membership Dues 


  1. Membership in OASLTA is open to any individual interested in American Sign Language / Deaf Studies instruction and/or support the goals of the organization. 

  2. Members strive to enhance knowledge and skills through participation in workshops and seminars. This includes expanding awareness and sharing current ASL/Deaf Studies related works. Members shall promote an understanding and respect of language, culture, and quality teaching.

  3. Dues for individual membership in OASLTA shall be determined at the business meeting(s). Membership is due within ASLTA’s calendar year. 

  4. Student membership will be available at half the cost of regular membership with proof of student status.


Article V- Meetings 


  1. Business meetings shall be held a minimum of four times per year which includes two business meetings, executive board, and committee meetings as well as emergency meetings when necessary.

  2. Special meetings may be called at any time by the president or the executive board.  Board meetings may be in person or electronic meetings may be held. Proper notice of the meetings must be given. 

  3. Prior to any meeting, the executive board shall plan a written agenda which is to be attached to the meeting notice.

  4. Written notice will state location, date, and hour of the meetings. Electronic notices shall be completed at least fourteen days (14) days in advance. 

  5. The president, at her/his discretion, may appoint a parliamentarian to advise the organization on parliamentary procedures.

  6. Business meetings will be conducted according to parliamentary procedures.

  7. At every business meeting, at least seven members in attendance shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of any business.  When a quorum is present to organize a meeting, should any members withdraw, the quorum will remain intact.

  8. At every business meeting, the president or in the president’s absence, the vice president shall preside.  In the absence of both president and vice president, the meeting shall be canceled.  


Article VI- Executive Board  


  1. The president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer shall be responsible for business matters of OASLTA between meetings.

  2. All incoming and outgoing monies of the OASLTA, notices of elections and meetings, dissemination of materials, and the like shall be handled through the executive board.

  3. The executive board must approve any financial budget expenditure not authorized in the budget prepared by the OASLTA executive board. The OASLTA executive board shall submit a budget to the members each year.

  4. A majority of the executive board shall constitute a quorum for the emergency needs. 

  5. Qualification for serving on the executive board will require active OASLTA membership for at least one year.


Article VII- Election of Officers


  1. The office of president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer, are to be filled by an election.  Officers shall serve until their successors are duly elected.

  2. The president and secretary of this organization shall be elected every two (2 years) by ballot at the September meeting in odd-numbered years.  The vice president and treasurer shall be elected every two (2) years by ballot at the September meeting in even-numbered years.  

  3. Nominations for officers shall be made by a member of at least one year in good standing. Recommendation for nomination of officers may be submitted by any active members of OASLTA during the election meeting. 

  4. Any member of OASLTA and the national ASLTA present at the election, in good standing, and qualified to hold office shall be eligible to become a candidate for any office.   Any qualified absent member may be eligible if his/her written consent has been obtained before the election meeting. Qualified shall be defined as an active member for at least one year and attended at least two meetings within the past year. 


Article VIII- Vacancies of office


  1. Should the president vacate the office for any reason, the vice president will assume the responsibilities of the president, and the executive board will appoint a member to fill the vacancy of vice president. 

  2. Except for the office of the president, the executive board will have the authority to fill any vacancy until the next regular election of officers.

Article IX- Duties of Officers


  1. All officers shall surrender to his/her successor all properties of OASLTA in his/her possession belonging within 30 days after the election.

  2. The president shall preside at all OASLTA meetings and executive board   meetings.  He/she will have a working knowledge of the affairs of ASLTA and serve as a liaison between OASLTA and external business. The president shall be a member of ASLTA.

  3. The vice president shall serve in the absence of the president.  He/she will be the liaison between the executive board and the committees of OASLTA, and shall oversee committee activities. The vice president shall be a member of ASLTA. 

  4. The secretary, under the direction of the president shall record the minutes and the attendance of all OASLTA and executive board proceedings including all notices and reports of meeting.  Between meetings, he/she shall transact all correspondence necessary to carry out the business of OASLTA and the expressed wishes of the executive board. The secretary shall be a member of ASLTA.  The secretary shall work with the president and keep the president informed of all correspondences. 

  5. The treasurer shall receive all money and keep a record of all receipts and expenditures, and shall submit a report at each meeting.  An annual financial report shall be audited by at least two (2) members in OASLTA or by the executive board.   The treasurer shall keep an account of all properties, investments, and funds of OASLTA, which shall at all times be open for inspection.  He/she shall keep a record showing the names of members, when admitted, and their addresses. Also, all information should be shared with the executive board when requested. The treasurer shall file appropriate tax information annually with the US government IRS department. The treasurer shall be responsible for paying the chapter fee to ASLTA each year. The treasurer is responsible for establishing a mailing address. The treasurer is responsible for sharing the new mailing address with the officers. This is a voluntary position and no money shall be paid to the treasurer for his/her service to the organization. 

  6. The immediate past president is an ex officio position. Ex officio means by virtue of having held another office in the past. The Immediate past president shall serve as an advisor to the current president, maintain the history of the organization, and be responsible for various tasks assigned at the direction of the president including chairing committees.

  7. The media coordinator will be appointed by the OASLTA executive board and serve the same term as president. S/he will work closely with the president and executive board to create, disseminate, and maintain vlog on Facebook of the organization. She/he shall prepare and send out the Official Publication at least two (2) times a year and update the Official Website at least six (6) times a year in a timely fashion. 


  1. This is a voluntary position and no money shall be paid to any of the officers for his/her service to the organization of OASLTA. 

Article X- Duties of Committees


  1. An Auditing Committee of two (2) members shall be appointed by the treasurer at each business meeting, whose duty it shall be to audit the organization’s account and to report at the business meeting.  If a committee cannot be appointed, the Executive Board shall conduct the audit and report.

  2. The president shall appoint, subject to consent by the executive board, any ad hoc committee of OASLTA.  By unanimous consent, the executive board may waive confirmation procedures.

  3. The bylaws committee is responsible for maintaining the bylaws of OASLTA, and may submit proposed revisions/updates to the membership when necessary.

  4. The professional development coordinator will be appointed by the OASLTA executive board and serve the same term as president. The professional development coordinator will be responsible for coordinating a minimum of 6 hours of workshops annually.  The duties include: sending the workshop flyers to ASLTA’s webmaster for inclusion in the ASLTA website, distribution evaluation sheets, certification, after the workshops, record keeping, and sending names of the workshop attendees to the ASLTA professional development chairperson and to the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, Inc. (RID) Regional Representative.  The professional development coordinator will also work with other chapters of ASLTA professional development coordinators. The professional development chair is responsible for coordinating speakers, filing proper paperwork with RID to establish CEUs for the workshops.  The professional development coordinator will surrender to successor all records belonging to OASLTA within thirty (30) days after appointment.  The coordinator shall be a member of the National ASLTA. This is a voluntary position and no money shall be paid to professional development coordinator for his/her service to the organization.


Article XI- Financial Activities


  1. No funds shall be raised or solicited on behalf of OASLTA without the consent of the executive board and/or members.

  2. The executive board may authorize any officer, agent, in addition to the president to enter into any contract or execute and deliver any instrument in the name of and on behalf of OASLTA.  Such authority may be general or confined to specific instances, but unless so authorized by the executive board, or expressly authorized herein, no officer, agent, or employee shall have any power or authority to bind OASLTA by any contract or engagement or to pledge its credit to render it liable financially in any amount for any purpose.   

  3. No loans or contracts of any kinds shall be contracted on behalf of ASLTA unless specifically authorized by the executive board.

  4. All checks, drafts, and other orders for the payment of money out of the funds of OASLTA, all notes or other evidences of indebtedness of OASLTA, shall be signed on behalf of the OASLTA in such manner as shall from time to time determined by resolution of the executive board or as expressly authorized herein.

  5. All funds of OASLTA not otherwise employed shall be deposited from time to time to the credit of OASLTA in such banks, trust companies, or other depositories as the executive board may from time to time select.

  6. The executive board may accept on behalf of OASLTA any contributions, gifts, bequest, or devise for the general purpose or for any special purpose of OASLTA with the notification to the membership. Any accounts held by OASLTA shall be subject to backup withholding by the financial institution in compliance with the current tax regulation.


Article XII- Parliamentary Authority


  1. Robert’s Rules of Order and State of Ohio Code of Ethics shall be the parliamentary authority for all meetings.

  2. The president, at his/her discretion, may appoint a parliamentarian to advise OASLTA on parliamentary procedures.


Article XIII - Amendments


  1. The bylaws of OASLTA may be amended, altered or repealed by an affirmative vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the total voting membership.  Proxies brought in or by electronic receipts shall count toward the “two-thirds” (2/3) requirement.  The amendments shall have a review by bylaws committee and the executive board prior to the ratification of said amendments by the membership.

  2. The executive board will have the authority to make changes of no substance to the bylaws in order to comply with the ASLTA’s bylaws. Changes that may affect the substance of the OASLTA bylaws must be presented to the membership according to Article 3. 


Article XIV - Electronics


  1. The executive board of OASLTA will appoint member(s) to support the technology needs of the organization. 

  2. Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members voting by electronic ballot. 

Article XV- Dissolution


  1. In the event of suspending activities or the dissolution of OASLTA, its assets shall be transferred to the national ASLTA organization within a year.

  2. The executive board of OASLTA will send a letter, signed by the board, notifying the national ASLTA organization of the dissolution date of the OASLTA organization effective from the date of the last meeting.