Article IX - Duties of Officers


  1. All officers shall surrender to his/her successor all properties of OASLTA in his/her possession belonging within 30 days after the election.

  2. The president shall preside at all OASLTA meetings and executive board   meetings.  He/she will have a working knowledge of the affairs of ASLTA and serve as a liaison between OASLTA and external business. The president shall be a member of ASLTA.

  3. The vice president shall serve in the absence of the president.  He/she will be the liaison between the executive board and the committees of OASLTA, and shall oversee committee activities. The vice president shall be a member of ASLTA. 

  4. The secretary, under the direction of the president shall record the minutes and the attendance of all OASLTA and executive board proceedings including all notices and reports of meeting.  Between meetings, he/she shall transact all correspondence necessary to carry out the business of OASLTA and the expressed wishes of the executive board. The secretary shall be a member of ASLTA.  The secretary shall work with the president and keep the president informed of all correspondences. 

  5. The treasurer shall receive all money and keep a record of all receipts and expenditures, and shall submit a report at each meeting.  An annual financial report shall be audited by at least two (2) members in OASLTA or by the executive board.   The treasurer shall keep an account of all properties, investments, and funds of OASLTA, which shall at all times be open for inspection.  He/she shall keep a record showing the names of members, when admitted, and their addresses. Also, all information should be shared with the executive board when requested. The treasurer shall file appropriate tax information annually with the US government IRS department. The treasurer shall be responsible for paying the chapter fee to ASLTA each year. The treasurer is responsible for establishing a mailing address. The treasurer is responsible for sharing the new mailing address with the officers. This is a voluntary position and no money shall be paid to the treasurer for his/her service to the organization. 

  6. The immediate past president is an ex officio position. Ex officio means by virtue of having held another office in the past. The Immediate past president shall serve as an advisor to the current president, maintain the history of the organization, and be responsible for various tasks assigned at the direction of the president including chairing committees.

  7. The media coordinator will be appointed by the OASLTA executive board and serve the same term as president. S/he will work closely with the president and executive board to create, disseminate, and maintain vlog on Facebook of the organization. She/he shall prepare and send out the Official Publication at least two (2) times a year and update the Official Website at least six (6) times a year in a timely fashion. 

  8. This is a voluntary position and no money shall be paid to any of the officers for his/her service to the organization of OASLTA.