Article X - Duties of Committees


  1. An Auditing Committee of two (2) members shall be appointed by the treasurer at each business meeting, whose duty it shall be to audit the organization’s account and to report at the business meeting.  If a committee cannot be appointed, the Executive Board shall conduct the audit and report.

  2. The president shall appoint, subject to consent by the executive board, any ad hoc committee of OASLTA.  By unanimous consent, the executive board may waive confirmation procedures.

  3. The bylaws committee is responsible for maintaining the bylaws of OASLTA, and may submit proposed revisions/updates to the membership when necessary.

  4. The professional development coordinator will be appointed by the OASLTA executive board and serve the same term as president. The professional development coordinator will be responsible for coordinating a minimum of 6 hours of workshops annually.  The duties include: sending the workshop flyers to ASLTA’s webmaster for inclusion in the ASLTA website, distribution evaluation sheets, certification, after the workshops, record keeping, and sending names of the workshop attendees to the ASLTA professional development chairperson and to the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, Inc. (RID) Regional Representative.  The professional development coordinator will also work with other chapters of ASLTA professional development coordinators. The professional development chair is responsible for coordinating speakers, filing proper paperwork with RID to establish CEUs for the workshops.  The professional development coordinator will surrender to successor all records belonging to OASLTA within thirty (30) days after appointment.  The coordinator shall be a member of the National ASLTA. This is a voluntary position and no money shall be paid to professional development coordinator for his/her service to the organization.